I am a Psychic Medium & Esoteric Magician supporting the Renaissance of Magical Consciousness in the Fine Arts & Modern Technology.

WTF does that mean? I’m not sure…yet. I’ve always walked on the edge of this world and the next (well, crawling is more like it).

My whole life has been a relentless pursuit of magic. (real magic)

I love Magic with a C (Magic Tricks, Sleight of Hand). I am also smitten with Magick with a K (Witchcraft, Shamanism). Both of these Arts flank an extremely wide and endlessly useful spectrum, of which we know very little.

I spent my early years as a geeky sleight-of hand artist, addicted to transmitting that feeling of wonder and awe to everyone around me (my poor parents). Pick a card, any card… Many Friday and Saturday nights as a humble table-hopping magician protected and nurtured my naive belief in real Magic. That is, until one day while shuffling a deck of cards in my first apartment, I asked myself out-loud-and-seemingly-involuntarily a life altering question:

“What if there is such a thing as real magic?”

The Universe called me deeper.

Within weeks of this incident, it was no coincidence that I discovered and started developing my gift of latent gift of Psychic Mediumship. I spent my mid 20’s and 30’s learning Mediumship and the Psychic Arts. I have been lucky to travel the USA sharing my live medium event, Rendezvous with Spirit, connecting thousands of people through evidential messages from their deceased family and friends. Yet, as the years passed, the pursuit of magic called my name louder and more clearly, beckoning my spirit to grow, trust and surrender even more. There was something more (yet even more subtle), and I had to surrender and go deeper.

I am a Wonder-Junkie.

Welcome, fellow magic worker. We are Star-Walkers, you and I. Your journey, no doubt, led you this way because you, too, are curious about magick, true human potential, and how we can consciously, intentionally, evolve and transform our very dusty lives here on Earth. I believe magic can be a simple, everyday and wildly thrilling thing.

Magic is real.

You are doing it already.

All you need is within.

Lucid Magik is a term I created from my personal experiences and, consequently, humble interpretations of a trans-magical consciousness. Lucid Magick falls between the two ends of the spectrum often termed High Magick and Low Magick. Lucid Magick is thoroughly grounded in our current reality (less woo woo), yet it’s subtle practice is Deep Soul Awakening.

Lucid Magic is the Art of Surrender.

I encourage you to peruse around this website, especially my Journal. Here I will share with you my personal stories, short videos and rants on Lucid Magik. My aim will be to show you how to find that Source of Magic within yourself (simply, effortlessly, playfully, artfully) and then amplify and direct (or surrender) this energy towards your highest good (even if you don’t know what that is, yet). This website is just beginning. Just like Lucid Magik, it will become as it’s meant to be, and that will be just fantastic.

I offer Tarot readings (I’ve been doing psychic readings for the last 10 years), to those who may desire leverage to tap into their Magical Life. Tarot is one of my absolute favorite ways to provide “a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path” (I grew up a pastor’s kid). A soulful Tarot reading can be like releasing a depth charge in our Soul.

The Magik Shop is a space where I’ll offer artful tools (oracle decks, writings, art, found objects, magick rituals) to help you explore and navigate The Magick of Surrender on your own.

All you need is already within you.

I am located in Central Pennsylvania with my beautiful wife and four children. Yes four. They keep me grounded on this magical quest. My family is my richest source of inspiration and encouragement.

Live Magically,

Justin Dudley Schmoyer